Eli Cohen

VP Marketing and Sales

Eli Cohen is a business development and innovative solutions provider with over 35 years’ experience. He is the founder and CEO of Smart Trade Ltd., who holds an exclusive distribution agreement with the International Pharmaceutical Federation in Israel, covering a large private pharmacy chain. Other partnerships consist of two of the leading Israeli marketing and trade websites providing exposure to over one million potential consumers. Mr. Cohen serves as a consultant and advisor for marketing of products of leading international pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies.

Professional experience include position as CEO of Neopharm Ltd., the largest company in Israel engaged in the import, marketing, production and distribution of pharmaceuticals, consumer products, cosmetics and health products. Mr. Cohen has also served as CEO of Promedico Ltd., a subsidiary of Neopharm.

His many years of experience has enabled him to build relationships with key people in Israel and internationally, and to understand the market needs and challenges facing companies.