Yehoshua Hazenfratz

Yehoshua Hazenfratz is a Certified Public Accountant and co-founder of RSM Shiff Hazenfratz & Co. a full-service and consulting firm. RSM is an international company with a chain of offices worldwide. Its focus is on Middle East Markets and is considered to be the 7th largest chain in the world in the accountancy field.
Mr. Hazenfratz has extensive experience in conducting internal due diligence of companies in order to assist them to effectively manage their financial resources and improve their financial standing. Moreover, he also has expertise in performing and managing Mergers & Acquisitions.

Mr. Hazenfratz is an appointed person for arbitration by the Israeli Courts and manages the Venture Capital Fund of the Sheba Medical Center, which is one of the largest medical institutions in the Middle East. He is very familiar with the Health Market and serves as an advisor to the Israeli Ministry of Health on investments.
He is also involved in community and charitable organizations and is an active member of the Friends of Mayanei Hayeshua in Israel.

Mr. Hazenfratz is in charge of all financials affairs of ESPA Biomedical and plays a leading role in business related planning and negotiations.

Ret. Brigadier General Hasson Hasson

A highly decorated officer who served more than 35 years in the Israel Defence Forces.

Ret. Brigadier General Hasson Hasson is a highly decorated Brigadier General, who retired from the Israel Defence Services (IDF) after 36 years of illustrious service, which earned him many decorations and acknowledgements for his exemplary service.
Many of his achievements are based upon his exceptional organizational and managerial skills and experience as a leader with capability and success in meeting objectives and reaching set goals. Additional skills include his ability to find rapid solutions and solve complex problems under difficult conditions.

Important contacts have been established by Mr. Hasson with parties in the Middle East and North Africa region, who have expressed interest in the portfolio of herbal and natural products and remedies featured by ESPA Biomedical. These relations have great potential for opening new international markets. As Chairman of the Board, General Hasson will significantly augment the capabilities and managerial efficacy of ESPA.

Prof. Arie Orenstein, MD

Professor Orenstein obtained his MD degree at Tel Aviv University Medical School. He specialized in plastic surgery and served for 20 years as Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery and Burns at Sheba Medical Center-Tel Hashomer, the largest medical center in the Middle East. He is an internationally recognized expert in the application of laser technology in medicine in general and in clinical application of photodynamic therapy (PDT) of skin diseases, skin cancer in particular. He has published over 120 articles in peer-reviewed medical journals. Prof. Orenstein is a past President of the Israel Medical Association.

Prof. Orenstein is the initiator and founder of the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) at the Sheba Medical Center and serves as its Director since 1997. The concept behind the ATC is to bring together physicians, scientists and Industry under one roof to facilitate generating funding to develop future innovative medical technologies. He is a member of the directorate of 5 high-tech and biotechnology companies with focus on R&D and investments.

Prof. Orenstein is Director of the Bio-Med Investments Committee and “100 Angels Plus” investment groups. He also initiated and established the SaveMe consortium (19 members) in the framework of FP7 with a total budget of 14 M Euros (2011-2015).
His vast experience in conducting R&D, establishing collaborative domestic and global medical/scientific alliances and business relationships will greatly benefit ESPA Biomedical.