ESPA Biomedical Science Advisory Committee

Dr. Daniel Levy

Dr. Daniel Levy is an experienced organic/medicinal chemist and an expert in biotechnology with broad knowledge in biomedical sciences. Dr. Levy received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the Massachusetts’ Institute of Technology. Over many years he has made signifcant contributions to the development of novel therapeutic agents targeting infammatory disorders, cardiovascular disease and cancer. In his 20 years in the US biopharmaceutical industry, led interdisciplinary teams and served as project director coordinating development processes from early stage design to final products.

Dr. Levy is a consultant in strategic guidance and program implementation services to companies needing assistance in diagnostics and drug delivery. Additionally he provides technical due diligence services, facilitates intellectual property development and supports the filing of grant applications. Dr. Levy has also access to a wide network of investment groups focusing on projects in biotechnology.

ESPA Biomedical, in it’s quest for developing innovative products for their targeted indications, will greatly benefit from Dr. Levy’s vast knowledge and experience.

Dr. Avigail Gilboa

Dr. Avigail Gilboa is a specialist in nutrition with many years of experience in basic nutritional sciences and clinical nutritional practice. She earned her doctored from London University. She is a lecturer at Reidman College in Haifa, serves as Director of Pedagogic Programs at Misgav College in Sahnin and teaches orthomolecular nutrition, herbal medicine and therapeutics.

Dr. Gilboa practices as a clinical nutritionist. Her focus is on metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetes, women’s health, allergies and environmental diseases. She also specializes in attention deficit disorders, hyperactivity and learning disabilities and manages elderly persons with degenerative neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s dementia.

Dr. Gilboa’s rich experience will greatly benefit ESPA in its research and development of new products and their clinical testing and use.

Howard Rice, RPh, BPharm

Howard Rice who earned a B.Pharm from the School of Pharmacy, University of London, brings over 30 years of pharmaceutical formulation and development experience to ESPA Biomedical.

Mr. Rice serves as a Director at Tilary Ltd, the Israel agent for American Biotech Labs (USA) and is the Israel delegate to the Federation Internationale Pharmaceutique (FIP) – an NGO within the World Health Organization (WHO). He served as Vice President of the FIP for 8 years, and he is the former Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Association of Israel.

He is also Vice President Pharmaceuticals and chief pharmacist RDD Pharma and was warded the Federation International Pharmaceutique  Distinguished Service Award for international services to pharmacy. He has been an academy member of the Pfizer International Pharmacy Academy.

Mr. Rice interacts closely with the ESPA product development team, which focuses on the development of innovative herbal and natural remedies.

Brenda Kolatch, MA, MS

Mrs. Brenda Kolatch has extensive management experience in clinical research.

She demonstrates achievements in a wide spectrum of clinical research including conducting clinical trials enabling companies to obtain successful NDA for innovative dental drug product to FDA and regulatory agencies
in several European countries. Responsibilities have included protocol submissions to hospital Helsinki committees and IRBs, overseeing site evaluations and investigator selection, negotiating contracts and budgets.

As Manager of R&D Initiative, TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd., Mrs. Kolatch was responsible for its Clinical Research Department, supervising both pre-clinical and clinical studies for drug development.

ESPA Biomedical will benefit greatly from Mrs. Kolatch’s vast experience in managing preclinical and clinical research, which is essential for successful product development.